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  Our research organization, Lantron Seed Academy of Sciences, has 3 research fellows, 2 Associated Research Fellows, 5 senior sicentis and agronomists, and  more than 80 research employees with college or higher degree. two are honored by National Council as Special Allowance Supported  Expert, one is honored by Beijing City Council as Distinguished expert.  
nba买球下注    We have research labs and experimental stations at Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Nanbin, Hainan Province, Tieling, Liaoning Province ,Zhaozhou, Heilongjiang Province,  Chengdu, Shichuan Province, Zhangye, Gansu Province, Ningjin, Shandong Province (See Figure 1).


                                         Figure 1: R&D Locations of Beijing Lantron Seed Corp in China.

nba买球下注    Beijing Lantron Seed Academy of Science has research facilities, office buildings at Beijing Haidian district and Zhengzhou High-tech Park.

Figure 2A: Beijing Lantron Seed Academy of Sciences.

Figure 2B. Labs and Office Buildings of Beijing Lantron Seed Academy of Sciences.

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